Con-Form makes Concrete Pours A Walk In The Park

Con-Form is a plastic formwork system designed to ensure accurate & quality concrete pours quickly. It's Lightweight, flexible, durable, & very easy to use.

March 13th, 2018
@ 12:43 am

Sample used of Con-Form Formwork System

For decades, concreting has been seen as time-consuming, resource-intensive, and backbreaking work. But this has a lot to do with the limitations of conventional formwork, particularly heavy timber boxing systems that are difficult to work with, and twist or warp out of shape after a week’s use. This is why Con-Form, an innovative plastic formwork system, is quickly becoming the default choice for concreters across Australia.

What is Con-Form?

Con-Form is a plastic formwork system designed to ensure accurate & quality concrete pours in quick time. Lightweight, flexible, durable, and extremely easy to use. Con-Form is a forward-thinking solution that suits a wide range of concreting applications. From straight edges to custom curves, Con-Form boards lend themselves to all shapes and forms. The Camlock system allows for quick set-up and adjustment and ensures a near-seamless finish. Reusable for several years, Con-Form boards lead to significant savings in terms of time, money, and effort.

Before and After using Con-Form Formwork System

Frustration-free formwork that gets perfect results.

When it comes to accuracy and ease of use, Con-Form boards offer the best of both worlds. The High-Density polyethylene plastic allows them to bend along any radius, or maintain a perfectly straight line, depending on the design of the driveway, garden edging, kerbing or slab you’re concreting. Further, unlike heavy timber boxing. Con-Form boards go easy on your back. With each board weighing just over 2kg, carrying them to the site a walk in the park.

So too is setting up and dismantling your Con-Form boxing system. Simple twist-and-lock Camlocks let you affix the boards to steel pegs in the ground, and loosen, adjust, and reattach them as needed – all in a matter of minutes. The process does away with nails, screws or power tools of any kind. It saves you almost two-thirds of the time that timber boxing takes for setting up and stripping down, and keeps your hands splinter-free to boot.

In short, Con-Form plastic formwork systems bring you a quick turnaround time, accurate concrete curvatures, good finishes, and a more comfortable on-site experience.

Guaranteed for 7 years!

Conventional timber formwork is vulnerable to weather conditions and tends to wrap after just a few hours. Con-Form boards, on the other hand, have a remarkable degree of reusability. In some cases, the system has even outlasted the guarantee of 7 years. Transitioning effortlessly from job to job, they help concreters cut down on the costs – and the hassle – of repeatedly buying timber boxing over a 7-year period.

Con-Form plastic formwork systems have been benefiting concreters, formworkers, and city councils Australia-wide for over 10 years now. Superflex, Flexible and Rigid Con-Form boards are available in easy-to-use starter kits, complete with Camlocks, pins, connectors, and accessories to get you started.

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