con-form Formwork Systems:
The forward-thinking solution

Construction of a curved pathway in a park with Con-Form formwork setup.

Date published: July 26, 2022

We nailed it so you don’t have to!

Con-Form Formwork System is a timber formwork alternative created to expedite concrete pours without compromising quality. It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to use.

Conventional formwork systems, particularly heavy timber boxing systems, have the tendency to be error-prone and labour-intensive. These also tend to twist and warp out of shape over the course of time making it rather costly. This is why Con-Form Formwork Systems, an innovative and efficient formwork system, is becoming a popular choice among concreters across Australia.

There are four types of Con-Form Boards that can be used to attain quality pours– straight or curved. These are Rigid, Flexible, SuperFlex, and FibreForm. The accessories, like the Camlock and pins, make the work faster as these keep the boards in place with a simple twist and lock.

Con-Form Boards are all guaranteed for 7 years. In fact, we’ve received feedback from some concreters saying that their boards have lasted for 15 years! When you think about that, and consider the number of times one would purchase timber formwork, there’s no doubt that Con-Form Formwork Systems lead to significant savings.

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