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What is Con-Form?

Con-form Formwork Systems is a forward-thinking solution that is an alternative to traditional LVL Timber.

How much does it cost?

Prices for Con-Form boards approximately start at AUD100.

Since we rely on resellers, we cannot pin down a uniform price on the boards. The price also depends on the type of board and the dimensions as well.

Where to purchase?

Con-Form Formwork Systems heavily rely on resellers around Australia.

There are around 118 resellers available. They are located in all capital cities and many regional towns including Bundaberg, Toowoomba, Coffs Harbour, Tamworth, Bunbury, Mount Isa, Stawell, Moe, Wagga Wagga to name a few.

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What sizes are available?

Con-Form Boards are divided into three(3) categories: Flexible, SuperFlex, and Fibreform.

Flexible Boards have five sizes available:

  • 75mm x 4.8m
  • 90mm x 4.8m
  • 150mm x 4.8m
  • 200mm x 4.8m
  • 300mm x 4.8m

The lightweight flexible boxing is designed to suit various applications. The Flexible Board is perfect for designs that require curves but not full circles.

SuperFlex Boards only have one size available, 90mm x 4.8m. This is the perfect choice for a smooth, curved finish for formworks requiring extra bends and full radius designs.

Fibreform Boards come in five sizes:

  • 100 x 25mm x 5.85m
  • 150 x 25mm x 5.85m
  • 200 x 25mm x 5.85m
  • 240 x 25mm x 5.85m
  • 300 x 25mm x 5.85m

FibreForm is another alternative to timber formwork. It’s a fibreglass option that’s lightweight, firm, and tough.

The board’s rigid design is perfect for long runs, similar to Con-Form’s Rigid Formboards. It can be used in conjunction with the other Con-Form range using Camlocks, pins, and joiners.

What are the delivery options?

We do not sell direct so the delivery options would depend on the reseller you opt to buy from.

What are the uses for Con-Form?

Con-Form Formwork Systems is an LVL Timber alternative that can be used just how you would use the LVL Timber. You can also use it for garden edging, footpaths, driveways, fire-pits, house slabs, benchtops, pre-casting applications, gutters, and curbing.

What are the advantages of Con-Form Boards?

There are two main advantage points of using Con-Form Boards:

1. Lesser labour costs: Its simple and straightforward design makes it easy to use– even for those who have no experience in doing formwork. The boards can easily be connected using the Camlock and pins.

2. 7-year guarantee: Con-Form Boards are guaranteed to last for at least 7 years and can be used multiple times, one project after another. In fact, we have had customer feedback that the boards have lasted for 15 years. Add together the cost of buying new LVL Timber versus buying Con-Form Boards at one time– the savings are remarkable!

How durable are the boards?

The boards are made with highly durable materials that are ensured to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Australia. More importantly, these are guaranteed for 7 years.

How to connect Con-Form Boards together

Con-Form Boards can be connected together using Straight Joiners and Hinge Connectors. Both joiners can be inserted on either end of the board.

Are Camlocks and pins required?

No, it is not required to use the complete system but it is highly encouraged.

Camlocks and pins are key components in the time-saving factor promised by Con-Form Formwork Systems as these will only require a simple twist and lock. While it is acceptable to use other accessories like screws and pegs, it is rather time-consuming– which defies the time-saving promise– and also damages the board which may shorten its lifespan.

What is the Con-Form Boards aftercare procedure?

Removing fresh concrete from the boards can be done with water. For dried concrete, on the other hand, we recommend using Crete-Wash.

Is a release agent required to remove boards from the slab?

Using release agents is not required. You may use one if it is preferred.

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