Frequently Asked Questions

How many grades of Con-Form are there?

There are 3 grades of Con-Form we manufacture; 

  • Superflex – Bends down to 500mm radius, great for tight and gradual curves. 
  • Flex – Bends down to 1000mm radius, will also do straight runs.  
  • Rigid – Does straight forms.
What are the money saving points behind Con-Form?
  • Labor costs in setup – Form up in a matter of minutes with just driving in a pin and locking on the Camlock. 
  • No Screwing or Nailing required – Camlock connects the board to the pin. 
  • Boards have a 7 Year guarantee which would outlast traditional timber methods. 
  • Lightweight  
  • Fuel saving – less weight to transport between jobs on vehicles.
How long will a length of Con-Form Last?

We give the genuine Con-Form boards a 7 year guarantee but we have had Concretors using the product for 15years plus, if well looked after.

Why do we not make coloured boards?

Because white is a colour that gives the best longevity and UV properties – allowing us to provide a 7 year guarantee.

Will it stand up to the sun in Australia?

Yes, we give the product a 7 year guarantee due to the fact that it is manufactured out of virgin plastics and we are confident in the product lasting even longer!

Can this product be recyclable?

Yes, this product is 100% recyclable. 

Is it made from recycled plastic?

In order for the Con-Form to last so long we have had to make the product out of Virgin Plastic, which means it is not a consumable product and will last a long time, rather than being purchased and thrown away. 

What lengths does Con-Form come in?

All Styles come in 4.8m lengths.

What applications is Con-Form Suitable for?

Formwork for Garden edging, footpaths, Driveways, fire-pits, house slabs, Benchtops, Pre-casting applications, gutters and curbing. 

Do I have to use the Camlocks and pins?

No, you do not have to use the complete system. It can be screwed into but not recommended. Standard Reinforcing Bar can be used in place of pins as well.

How do I connect the Con-Form Boards together?

We make two different variations of joiners, either a straight joiner which looks like a “H” or a hinge joiner which is designed for tight bends and angles. Both these joiners get lodged into the end of the board and it clicks together. 

Can I use the Con-Form with excising formwork systems?

Yes, there is no reason why the Con-Form system cannot be used with other systems

How do I clean my Con-Form boards after use?

If Concrete is fresh enough just water will do the job, for dried concrete please use a dried concrete cleaner such as “Crete-Wash”.

Do I need a release agent on the boards to make it come away from the slab easier?

Due to the Con-Form having a smooth face it is not required. Adding some release agent to the boards will not affect them.