An expense or an investment? Here are con-form Formwork Systems’ Money-saving Factors

Construction of a curved pathway in a park with Con-Form formwork setup.

Date published: July 26, 2022

“Con-Form’s a bit pricey”

We receive a lot of comments like this and at first glance, the boards are expensive! But if you look at it, the quality, durability, and the 7-year guarantee, the savings are actually remarkable!

Formwork is an essential step when creating concrete structures. It allows for a quicker turnabout for structures and also provides proper access and working platforms ensuring the safety of concreters. Traditionally, timber formwork is the number one choice by concreters as it is easily and readily available. In terms of pricing, timber formwork also comes at a modest price.

So, why should you consider Con-Form Formwork Systems?

Is it an expense or an investment?

These are just some of the questions we often receive. The answers can easily be broken down into four sections which we like to refer to as the “Money-saving Factors”

1.) Straightforward Design

Labour costs are cut by a significant amount all thanks to the formwork boards’ straightforward, ergonomic design. Lightweight and easy to use, these boards can be assembled even by ordinary, inexperienced individuals.

2.) Efficiency

The ConForm Boards do away with using nails, screws, and hammers. So, concreters or anyone using ConForm Boards can expect a faster turnabout. The Lock and Twist technology is one of the benefits when using ConForm Formwork Systems and is easily achieved by using the Con-Form accessories.

3.) Quality

Con-Form boards are made out of PVC while FibreBoards, on the other hand, is made out of fibreglass. These durable formwork boards can be used over and over again, one project after another. More importantly, these do not quickly disintegrate and can withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

4.) Economic Trait

Which costs more? Investing in Con-Form Boards that are guaranteed for 7 years and can be used multiple times or purchasing timber formwork for every project and replacing them once it becomes unreusable? At first glance, Con-Form might seem too expensive but considering the longevity of the product, we say this is financially and economically friendly.

Both formwork options– timber and Con-Form– are great materials but at the end of the day, it’s all about choosing which system provides remarkable savings while yielding increased productivity and quality work.

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